Friday, November 7, 2014

our story unfolds
with every sip

the tazo difference

Tea is one of life’s simple pleasures. We begin with the world’s finest tea leaves, then artfully blend them with herbs, spices and botanicals to create unexpectedly rich, truly memorable flavor experiences.

finest ingredients

Tazo tea buyers take regular trips to origin countries to taste and select the finest-quality tea and botanicals available. Unlike other large tea companies that use pre-blended teas sourced at origin, Tazo buys only unblended teas. This allows us to acquire tea at its peak of freshness and to exercise greater control over the quality of the final blend.

tazo quality

When it comes to selecting the best-tasting teas, we listen to the leaves.
Once a tea is plucked and processed, freshness and quality are preserved by ensuring that all teas and ingredients are properly stored and handled, and by selling only tea from the current or most recent growing season.
To maintain quality standards, every tea we use is tasted up to seven times before it reaches the consumer: at offer, before shipment, upon arrival, during formulation, several times during blending and after packing. Though we may taste more than 150 teas in a day, only a handful will ever find their way into a Tazo product.

the art of blending

A tea’s character is affected by its region, geography and climate, along with traditional, local agricultural practices. Because tea comes from a regional tea garden as a finished product, Tazo relies on creating signature blends to enhance our tea assortments.
Blending tea allows us to create a product from multiple ingredients that cannot be made by using any one of the ingredients by itself. Blending is an important aspect to maintaining consistent flavor profiles. Blending also allows Tazo to create products with unique flavor profiles that are unlike any other tea brands.
At Tazo, we take customers on a journey of discovery in the world of tea – infusing their exploration with unexpected delights to engage all of the senses.

Tazo Tea

I have tried Tazo Tea and found it so simple to make. Just a tea bag and hot water.
Tazo had a great big flavor though.
My favorite was Vanilla Caramel.
There are however many more flavors I look forward to trying.

I received a free product sample from Smiley360.
 My opinion is real and honest however.

Monday, November 3, 2014

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